Masters Exteriors – Your Everett Siding Contractors. We offer nothing less than the Best.

  • Superior Fire Protection – Non-combustible
  • Resists Moisture Damage – No pulping
  • Insect Proof – No insect damage or Infestation
  • Better Paint Adhesion – Lower expansion and contraction than vinyl or wood
  • Green! – made of earth products: water, cement, sand, and wood pulp
  • 30 Year Limited Warranty
  • Available ColorPlus Baked-on Paint Finish – with a 15 year guarantee

Masters Exteriors are the experts in installing James Hardie cement fiber siding products. We recommend James Hardie compared to wood or other manufactured siding materials. Being made of cement it is very durable and not subject pulping when wet like other fiber boards, such as LP siding. Their superior products have made James Hardie one of the most popular siding providers in the industry with over 5 million homes protected by their siding.

Many distinctive James Hardie siding styles to choose from:

Hardie Plank

Hardie Shingle

Hardie Artisan

Hardie Panel Stucco

Hardie Panel Vertical

Hardie Panel Smooth

Hardie Panel Sierra

Everett Siding Contractors

Is deteriorating wood siding driving you crazy? Are you tired of scraping, sanding, and painting? Maintaining wood siding on Everett homes is tough duty. Constant rain, Puget Sound salt air, and algae build-up take their toll on the siding. It can lead to spending your weekends trying to keep things looking good. Maybe it is time to replace that old wood siding with modern, new fiber cement siding. Masters Exteriors may just be one of your preferred Everett siding contractors.

Reduce Your Maintenance Burden with Fibre Cement Siding

Fiber cement from James Hardie is an engineered siding made to look great and last a long time with low maintenance. It is made of a mixture of cement and wood pulp fibers. The wood fibers make the cement resistant to cracking and fissuring, much like re-bar in a roadway. It also adds to its flexibility. The cement provides strength and high wear resistance. It creates a low expansion rate that reduces delamination of paint that occurs on wood surfaces.

High Durability Factory Finished Siding Colors

It can be easily painted but also comes in pre-painted boards that have been prepared in the factory much like car paint in a car factory. We all know how well car paint stands up to weather. Pre-painted siding is beautiful and comes with a guaranteed warranty.

Quality Installation You Will Feel Most Comfortable With

As important as the quality of the product put on your home, the quality of siding installation is very important. At Masters Exteriors, we are fully licensed to install James Hardie fiber cement siding. We hire and retain skilled craftspeople that are trained on James Hardie siding. We inspect and re-inspect the installation as it goes along to make sure every fit, finish, and weather barrier is formed to conform. You can trust the Masters to communicate effectively with you before, during, and after the siding installation. You can trust us to stand behind our warranties and provide top-level service. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your comfort and peace of mind. See the Masters see the best in Everett siding contractors. We invite you to contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.