Masters Exteriors – Your Lynnwood Siding Contractors. We offer nothing less than the Best.

  • Superior Fire Protection – Non-combustible
  • Resists Moisture Damage – No pulping
  • Insect Proof – No insect damage or Infestation
  • Better Paint Adhesion – Lower expansion and contraction than vinyl or wood
  • Green! – made of earth products: water, cement, sand, and wood pulp
  • 30 Year Limited Warranty
  • Available ColorPlus Baked-on Paint Finish – with a 15 year guarantee

Masters Exteriors are the experts in installing James Hardie cement fiber siding products. We recommend James Hardie compared to wood or other manufactured siding materials. Being made of cement it is very durable and not subject pulping when wet like other fiber boards, such as LP siding. Their superior products have made James Hardie one of the most popular siding providers in the industry with over 5 million homes protected by their siding.

Many distinctive James Hardie siding styles to choose from:

Hardie Plank

Hardie Shingle

Hardie Artisan

Hardie Panel Stucco

Hardie Panel Vertical

Hardie Panel Smooth

Hardie Panel Sierra

Lynnwood Siding Contractors

There are a lot of siding treatments that can be put on a house. They range across various prices and quality. It is possible to install a very low-end system that will not look good over time or last the length you may want it to. At Masters Exteriors we feel that it is important to install a system that will look good at the start and after a decade as well. Houses are meant to last and their siding should reflect that feeling as well

Siding is Meant to Last a Long Time

That is why we lean toward James Hardie siding for your home. It is a fiber cement siding that is dense and will not delaminate or pulp. That means it will stand up to wind and rain better than other treatments. Because Hardie siding is embossed in a variety of wood grains, it looks and views like hardwood siding. Better yet it is available in pre-painted surfaces that are harder and more durable than on-site painting.

Hardie Siding Comes in a Variety of Shapes and Textures

Hardie siding comes in a variety of panel types from shiplap to vertical siding and from barn board to large panels. Panel types can be mixed and matched to alter the appearance and break up large surfaces into more interesting siding patterns. By cleverly arranging panel patterns, residences develop unique looks and appeal; even in neighborhoods where all the houses are cut from the same mold.

Masters Exteriors is Happy to Provide an Exceptional Guarantee

Masters Exteriors is so happy with James Hardie siding that we are happy to stand behind the work with an exceptional guarantee. As Lynnwood siding contractors with the best siding installers in the business, our people are trained to James Hardie standards and dedication to quality craftsmanship we know that the result will be beautiful when we look at the finished job, when you look at it, and when your neighbor looks at it. Make your neighbors envious, freshen up and wrap up your home with Masters Exteriors and James Hardie; a combination that can’t be beaten in Lynnwood siding contractors.