Energy Efficient Lynnwood Window Replacement.

New windows can bring a fresh look to your home.

When done right, replacing old or inefficient windows and doors positively impacts your entire home. In Lynwood, when window replacements are done well they add significant value to your home and can decrease your utility bills.

We can help transform your home’s appearance, improve energy efficiency and balance all that with value. Additionally, every product we offer is backed by our unparalleled customer service and industry leading warranties. When you need help with your window replacement or expterior home repair in Lynnwood, Masters Exteriors is your solution.

Choosing the right style and design is important. Trust The Masters to provide quality products that bring your vision to life.

Double-hung Windows

Top and bottom sashes slide up and down within the frame, allowing bottom to be closed while top is open to keep kids and pets safe. Not best option in extreme climates.

Slider Windows

Sashes slide horizontally on a track. Works well when space is limited and good for rooms facing walkways, porches, and patios. Provides plenty of light and ventilation.

Casement Windows

Hinged like a door and crank-operated. Provides great ventilation, air flow, and clear views to the outdoors with less air leakage than hung or sliding.

Hopper Windows

Hinged at bottom and can open inward or outward. Good above door or window, or in a basement for ventilation. Less air leakage than others since sash presses against frame.

Awning Windows

Opens outward from a top hinge. Good space saver and among most energy-efficient because they seal well, but doesn’t allow for window AC.

Entry Doors

Used for entrance ways, such as a front door, side door, garage entrance door, or rear entrance door. Can be single- or multi-panel and surface can be smooth or textured.

Hinged Patio Doors

Swing in or out and are mostly used to access a patio, deck, or porch. Offer a tighter seal than sliding doors, keeping the weather out and your heated or cooled air in.

Sliding Patio Doors

Door panels slide horizontally on a track to open and close. Because doors don’t need to swing, can be a space saver in homes where square footage is at a premium.

Lynnwood Window Replacement

Many houses in Lynnwood date from the 1970s and 1980s when all aluminum windows were very common. Lightweight, strong, durable, and easily painted these windows have stood the test of time. They are now getting quite old and showing their age. Moreover, techniques in window manufacturing have progressed significantly since this time. It just might be time to do a Lynnwood window replacement!

Many Lynnwood Homes Were Constructed Prior to 1980

All aluminum windows have frames of aluminum that traverse from the outside of the house directly to the inside of the house. Unfortunately, aluminum is a great conductor of heat meaning that heat flows out through the frame and cold flows in through the frame. At the time, this limitation was an easy compromise compared to the low maintenance requirements of aluminum windows compared to all wood windows.

All Aluminum Windows Were the Norm

Today there are vinyl windows made of extruded heavy gauge vinyl that is rugged and sturdy. The vinyl replaces the aluminum frame and unlike aluminum is an excellent insulator stopping cold from penetrating into your home and stopping heat from escaping out of your home. These new vinyl windows make a great deal of sense for a Lynnwood window replacement.

It is not just the amount of heat escaping that increases your heating bill, however. The aluminum frames create cold areas along the surface of your interior wall. These cold spots radiate cold and create a contrast against the temperature of the wall surfaces and the ambient temperature in the room. Even though the roof is not cold per se, it feels colder. The result is that most people will turn up the heat to compensate, burning more, wasted gas or electricity.

Today’s Window Replacements are More Energy Efficient and Durable

New windows for your home can fix all that, and you can often receive an energy efficiency rebate from the local utility. This is especially true if you use Energy Star Certified windows installed by Masters Exteriors. They come in all sizes and shapes and are built to last. You can select special features like triple pane, low E glass, gas filled panels and different panel treatments.

The nice thing is that you can save money, feel better about your part in the environment and make your house look more attractive at street level, all with a simple Lynnwood window replacement. With all the choices, manufacturers and styles available it is best to use a general contractor when replacing your windows. That way any minor structural changes to the home can be considered at the same time. More flexibility means more choices. We can help. Call Masters Exteriors to find out more.