Energy Efficient Mill Creek Window Replacement

New windows can bring a fresh look to your home.

When done right, replacing old or inefficient windows and doors positively impacts your entire home.

We can help transform your home’s appearance, improve energy efficiency and balance all that with value. Additionally, every product we offer is backed by our unparalleled customer service and industry leading warranties. I you need help with your home in Mill Creek. Window replacement from Masters Exteriors is your solution.

Choosing the right style and design is important. Trust The Masters to provide quality products that bring your vision to life.

Double-hung Windows

Top and bottom sashes slide up and down within the frame, allowing bottom to be closed while top is open to keep kids and pets safe. Not best option in extreme climates.

Slider Windows

Sashes slide horizontally on a track. Works well when space is limited and good for rooms facing walkways, porches, and patios. Provides plenty of light and ventilation.

Casement Windows

Hinged like a door and crank-operated. Provides great ventilation, air flow, and clear views to the outdoors with less air leakage than hung or sliding.

Hopper Windows

Hinged at bottom and can open inward or outward. Good above door or window, or in a basement for ventilation. Less air leakage than others since sash presses against frame.

Awning Windows

Opens outward from a top hinge. Good space saver and among most energy-efficient because they seal well, but doesn’t allow for window AC.

Entry Doors

Used for entrance ways, such as a front door, side door, garage entrance door, or rear entrance door. Can be single- or multi-panel and surface can be smooth or textured.

Hinged Patio Doors

Swing in or out and are mostly used to access a patio, deck, or porch. Offer a tighter seal than sliding doors, keeping the weather out and your heated or cooled air in.

<h3class=”ng-binding”>Sliding Patio Doors

Door panels slide horizontally on a track to open and close. Because doors don’t need to swing, can be a space saver in homes where square footage is at a premium.

Mill Creek Window Replacement

A hard decision that should not be ignored

It is a hard decision to make to replace a set of windows. Sometimes, it is obvious that windows need replacing. The opening and closing mechanisms may be compromised or the gas seals on the win

dow panes may be damaged.

Usually, the decision is harder than that. The windows are deteriorating but at a slow rate. It is not clear how much inefficiency is accruing to the windows, and how much improvement new Mill Creek window

replacement will provide. Luckily, Masters Exteriors can help you make this determination. We are here to help.

If you think that you may be losing energy and contributing to global warming don’t put off an analysis. Give us a call and let us help you compare installing new windows vs keeping your current ones.

Technology advances may be enough to convince you

You may be surprised at how far technology has come and how many advantages there are in new windows compared to even a decade or two ago:

Vinyl frames

Aluminum framed windows conduct heat through the frame. Vinyl is a non-conductor and will resist the movement of cold air into or out of the home. And if you are a fan of wood windows but not the maintenance problems they bring, vinyl clad windows may be your solution.  Vinyl is a great solution for Mill Creek window replacement.

Triple pane windows

Putting a 3rd layer of glass in a window creates two chambers of air between the inside and the outside of your house. The second layer of air slows down the heat transfer significantly.

Inert gas filled windows for even better insulation

The air in between your glass panels is what transfers heat from inside your home to the outside. Air molecules bumping against the inside pane speed up. They strike the opposite pane which warms that pane up. Over time heat transfers across the air barrier. Gas-filled panes are filled with an inert heavy molecular gas instead of air. Because the molecules are much heavier than air they migrate and move more slowly, reducing the transfer of heat from one pane to the other. Bottom line is your house stays warmer and loses less energy.

Low E Glass

Glass transmits light which is why you have windows on your home in the first place. But glass also transfers invisible light rays in the infra-red and ultra-violet range. Low E glass is a coated glass that reflects infra-red rays that are created and emitted by warm objects. In the summer, rays from the outside are reflected back outside helping your home stay cool. In the winter, the warm air inside your home-generated infra-red which is then reflected back into the room, reducing heat loss.

A decision we can help you make

Replacing your windows might be one of the least expensive things you can do to increase your energy efficiency. In fact, in many municipalities, the government will pay you to help defray the cost of upgrading your windows. We suggest you call us to see what current rebates are available for Mill Creek window replacement. We are ready for your call.