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  • Superior Fire Protection – Non-combustible
  • Resists Moisture Damage – No pulping
  • Insect Proof – No insect damage or Infestation
  • Better Paint Adhesion – Lower expansion and contraction than vinyl or wood
  • Green! – made of earth products: water, cement, sand, and wood pulp
  • 30 Year Limited Warranty
  • Available ColorPlus Baked-on Paint Finish – with a 15 year guarantee

Masters Exteriors are the experts in installing James Hardie cement fiber siding products. We recommend James Hardie compared to wood or other manufactured siding materials. Being made of cement it is very durable and not subject pulping when wet like other fiber boards, such as LP siding. Their superior products have made James Hardie one of the most popular siding providers in the industry with over 5 million homes protected by their siding.

Many distinctive James Hardie siding styles to choose from:

Hardie Plank

Hardie Shingle

Hardie Artisan

Hardie Panel Stucco

Hardie Panel Vertical

Hardie Panel Smooth

Hardie Panel Sierra

Mukilteo Siding Contractors

There are a large number of choices in siding materials and it is important for the homeowner to know the differences in these as well as their pros and cons. Whatever solution you choose you will be living with your decision for a long time!

Vinyl Siding Can Warp in Hot Weather and Fracture in Cold

Vinyl siding is a low-cost solution to siding your home. This kind of siding is made of plastic that is extruded into formed planks. You might recall that vinyl is what music records used to be made of. You might also remember that if you left vinyl in a hot car it would warp. That is usually not a problem when vinyl adheres to the side of a home but it has been known to warp when reflected light from windows is concentrated on the vinyl. This is an issue that Mukilteo siding contractors have to keep in mind, given a large amount of view glass installed in homes overlooking Puget Sound. You might recall in your travels a wave effect in vinyl siding applied to houses. While vinyl siding can be painted with special acrylic based paints, painting vinyl a darker color can cause warping.

Composite Siding is Susceptible to Insect Damage

Composite siding, such as LP SmartSide, is an engineered wood made of wood chips pressed together using a binding agent or glue. The boards are pressed with a fake embossed wood look in a repeating pattern. Composite wood suffers from the same problems as natural wood. It is susceptible to termite and carpenter ant attack and requires periodic scraping a painting. Worse than natural wood, it also can be affected by water intrusion if water pools on it in areas such as drip edges. When this happens water can swell the wood and affect the bonding agent causing failure.

Fiber Cement Siding is Strong and Flexible

Fiber cement siding, like James Hardie Hardie Plank, is an engineered siding made of Portland cement and wood fiber. The wood fiber gives it flexibility and the cement makes it impervious to weather and insects. It is totally resistant to UV and salt air, remains flexible in freezing temperatures and comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. We at Masters Exteriors believe that fiber cement siding, while more expensive than vinyl siding, provides the widest selection of look and feel along with the best long-term value.

Expert craftsmanship, customer satisfaction, and quality results are our hallmark. If you are interested in new siding, call Masters Exteriors, your Mukilteo Siding Contractors.